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Our Mission is Simple

Healing Formulas for Healthier Skin

We promote premium plant-based therapeutics to upgrade the everyday self-care routine. Never before has it been more important to make eco-conscious decisions in every aspect of our lives. Our beauty regimen should be no different. 


DĒAWY was born from a love of the ocean, of beauty, of nature, and of respect for our planet. We envisioned products that change the way we promote beauty. Our goal is to help preserve the future by taking active steps to minimize waste in every step of our process.

In an effort to support Blue Beauty, our promise is to donate 5% of sales to organizations and/or companies that are actively working to protect, preserve, and clean-up our oceans.


DĒAWY strives to harness nature’s purest derivatives in all of our formulations. Our first round of products feature cannabidiol, or CBD.


DĒAWY was founded in 2018 by childhood best friends, Diana Saadeh and Julia Ruiz. Self-described as yin and yang, the DĒAWY duo teamed up to create a trusted go-to brand that provides safe, effective products with transparency and environmental accountability, for generations to come.